28. December 2004
FnFX v0.3, again, again, and yes, again. Again.

FnFX 0.3 hit Debian unstable.
Thanks, Agney!

Happy holidays everyone.


30. November 2004
FnFX v0.3, again, again, and yes, again

Added Mandrake package of FnFX 0.3 (see files section).
Thanks, Buchan!


25. November 2004
FnFX v0.3, again, again

Added Slackware 10 package of FnFX 0.3 (see files section).
Thanks, Andrea!


21. November 2004
FnFX v0.3 Packages, again

Fedora packages are ready, too. Grab them over at For the lazy ones:
Fedora Core 1:
Fedora Core 2:
Fedora Core 3:

Thanks, Axel!


20. November 2004
FnFX v0.3 Packages

Update: Arch Linux Package is available (see files section).
Debian packages are hitting testing and unstable, soon.


18. November 2004
FnFX v0.3

I've just released FnFX v0.3. ChangeLog:

  * FnFX 0.3 (bug fixes and new features)
  * Updated: README: Hint that laptops without Toshiba BIOS are not supported.
  * Updated: README: Supported models
  * Updated: README: New section 3.3 Known Laptops Which Do Not Work
  * Updated: etc/keymap: Many new recognized Fn-combinations (Thanks Ben and Gurer)
  * Fix: Writing correct PID file (patch by Cedric Delfosse)
  * Improvement: Make Polling more efficient (suggestion by Firat Birlik)
  * New Feature: Setting default brightness at startup of fnfxd (patch by Henning Schmiedehausen)
  * New Feature: New internal commands: toggle bluetooth and toggle cpu (patch by Stephan Zalewski)

Download: FnFX v0.3 (Source)

I'll post links to packages for the various distributions as soon as the package maintainers get busy ;)

Have fun,


04. April 2004
FnFX Evolution

Since I am going to spend time on a new FnFX version I wanted to ask all of you to post feature requests in the forum.


07. October 2003
FnFX v0.2

It's done: FnFX v0.2 is ready for download (source|debian package). So what's new?

- Completely rewritten
- Use of shared memory and semaphores instead of message queues
- New internal commands. Complete list:

    - brightness up
    - brightness down
    - toggle fan
    - toggle video(*)
    - suspend to ram (*)
    - suspend to disk (*)
    - volume up
    - volume down
    - volume mute
    (*) = heavily hardware and/or kernel depended.

- Recognition of more Fn-x combinations/hotkeys
- New documentation
- The whole release is now a nice automake package: ./configure && make && make install;

Due to the fact, that I am using debian, I only was able to make a nice debian package (thanks Free!), which includes an init script. Anyone who wants to make a package for other distributions, please contact me.

Ah, before I quit typing: THANK YOU. This one goes to all the people who mailed feedback over the past few months. I've appreciated every single mail I received regarding FnFX.

Happy FnFXing!


P.S. To all those who are waiting for an X11 OSD. It's the next thing I am coding.

03. October 2003
FnFX v0.2 almost done.

Cheers all. FnFX v0.2 is almost done. I am going to release it by the middle/end of this week. If someone wants to make packages (rpm/gentoo packages) please drop me a note.


05. September 2003
Even more Additions

Another Toshiba laptop has been reported to work with FnFX:

- Toshiba Satellite A10-S203

Thanks Marc for this information.

I am off for two weeks holidays in Sweden. I hopefully can push out an updated version of FnFX after that. I really want automake and startup scripts for the next release. Stay tuned.


19. August 2003

And another three Toshiba laptops are reported to work with FnFX:

- Toshiba Tecra 9000
- Toshiba Satellite 2450-401
- Toshiba Satellite Pro 490CDT

Thanks Jay, Paul and Glenn for testing!


5. July 2003
This and that.

Some things to make public. First of all: The feedback I received was through and through very positive. The following Toshiba laptops have been reported to work fine with FnFX:

- Toshiba Portege 2000
- Toshiba Satellite 5205
- Toshiba Satellite 5200-801
- Toshiba Satellite 2410-303
- Toshiba Satellite 5100-201
- Toshiba Libretto L5W

By the end of this month I am happy to go on developing FnFX. Some exams to pass, some work to do... ;-)


30. April 2003
Developement of FnFX Configuration Utility in Progress.

Just a quick note. I am developing a GTK 2.0 application which is intended to get an easy-to-use utility for creating/modifying the configuration file for the FnFX client. Some screenshots will be online in a few days. Btw: I still need feedback regarding the FnFX Alpha. Please mail your laptop models with which you have tried FnFX.


26. April 2003
FnFX Public Alpha Available for Download.

Here it is, the first public version of FnFX: FnFX Alpha. I decided to make the Alpha public, because it turned out to work quite well on other Toshiba laptops than mine (Portege 2000). Please read the README file carefully. It's inside the tar.gz and online. The README contains install instructions, requirements and so on. Hope you enjoy FnFX. Happy testing.


24. April 2003
FnFX went Alpha!

Yesterday FnFX was successfully tested on a Toshiba Satellite 5205 (Thanks goes to Curtis!). After some code cleanup and last additions I am happy to release the first public version of FnFX in a few days. Stay tuned.


24. April 2003
Project Home Page Online.

Lucky me. I finally found enough motivation to do some quick graphics, html and php. Hope you like it.


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